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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Is summer here yet?

Yes i know its another month but i simply cannot wait. so today i was talking to a friend from home and i slipped and used the word yall. wow i got made fun of but instead of feeling bad i just rationalized why it is better to use that word and talked about how i need to get used to talking like that cuz ill be in texas this summer. i dont know if yall know how excited i am. i have heard about the wonders of texas for TWO whole years and fianlly i get to sepnd a whole summer there. and in the country wiht kids nad horses. ahhhh!!!! i can't wiat to look up into the sky at nght and be able to see every star and hear the little animals nad bugs....oh sweet freedom. ok im done now. i miss yall, but ill be back toamrrow after orgo :) have a good afternoon.


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